Independence Center Reveals New Tenants, Renderings of Entertainment Concept

IndependenceCenter released renderings of its new entertainment concept, District Jungle: Eat & Play, which aims to fill the missing piece at the indoor mall and help it stay relevant with consumers.

The jungle-themed entertainment experience will debut this winter and includes 11 different climbing walls, three levels of ropes courses and a Rollglider, an aerial ride that combines the sensation of free falling with hang gliding.

Enhancing the customer experience doesn't stop with District Jungle. Earlier this month, Independence Center owner IGP Business Group debuted a new arcade area near the food court that features a mix of classic and modern arcade-style games. It also rolled out a new website that includes a virtual shopper program. Through the program, customers can browse a variety of categories, such as beauty and health, sports and fitness, and fall fashion, and then select items to be placed on hold for in-store pickup.

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